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Could Avs get help from former Kings boss?

The firing of LA Kings GM Dean Lombardi and head coach Daryl Sutter has created shockwaves around the NHL. Would one of them be a good fit with the Colorado Avalanche?

After missing the playoffs for the second time in the past three years, the Los Angeles Kings fired their GM Dean Lombardi and head coach Daryl Sutter on Monday.

Now, the two personalities that helped form the Kings two recent Stanley Cup Champonships are on the job market.

Well the odds are that Sutter won’t be considered in Colorado, because it sounds like Jared Bednar’s job is safe. He really didn’t get a fair shot at having a full offseason and training camp with his team, and he really can’t be all to blame for this season.

But, could someone like Dean Lombardi be interested in Colorado, or could the Avs have him on their radar?

This rumor started when EJ Hradek from NHL Network stated “maybe Lombardi could come to Colorado, work with Joe Sakic”.

Now there isn’t much out there to read into this yet, but it does make you think about it being a real fit.

It’s no secret that the Avalanche need to change something in order to improve from their league-worst 22-56-4 record, but when looking at this team on paper, a job with them can still be attractive. As far as current head coach Jared Bednar, it seems to this point that Joe Sakic is comfortable giving the one-year coach another shot — but the real question is, will Sakic even stick around or keep all of his responsibilities?

The patience with Sakic as General Manager has been noticeable, but when you look at it from an outsiders perspectove, this team has gotten considerably worse since going to the playoffs in 2014. We all know how great and passionate Sakic was as a player and he truly does carry that passion into his current role. However, he often has been exposed as an inexperienced GM in this league and he needs help, even if he isn’t willing to admit it himself.

There were rumors circling around that perhaps Pierre Lacriox would be invited back into the organization in an advisor role of some sorts, but nothing really official has been reported. Even if that were true, does that really help the Avs? Pierre has been away from the game for so long, that his style of team in a pre-salary cap era wouldn’t quite fit what happens now days. The GM has to be so much more responsible when negotiating deals because of the salary cap alone, that some have wondered if Lacroix would even have a place in this new era of the NHL.

Why not take a look at a Dean Lombardi to come in and help Joe Sakic? If Sakic truly cares about this team, he should be able to see that it needs a better or new direction; and at the same time, if Sakic truly is doing this bad of a job, he should be able to notice that and feel the pressure himself.

Why not at least consider bringing in a recent two-time Stanley Cup Champion GM to help right this ship?



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